Who We Are

With great enthusiasm we serve clients primarily located in Metro Atlanta and Metro Detroit. We are a solution-based organization focused on creating sustainable change for our clients. Our mission is to equip our clients with tools and resources to better their organization. We are big on process improvements, honest feedback and customer driven consulting.

What We Do

Hendon Consulting Services offers clients our expertise on various services. We aim to deliver clients strategies that lead to improvement and change.

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Employee Relations Guidance

When left to fester, employee relation issues can greatly impact the health of an organization. Finding timely, long term solutions to these problems is key for growing organizations. Let’s work together to get to the root of your issue.

Employment Law Basics

Questions regarding employment law? FMLA? Overtime limitations? We can assist you in finding the needed information and interpreting how it applies to your organization.

Change Management

Going through organizational changes can be tricky. We can help develop a plan to implement the needed changes and roll them out to your employees.

Manager Coaching

Consistent, honest coaching helps drive success. We have a strong background in identifying strengths and opportunities in leaders. Allow us to work with your leaders to drive the success of your business.

Meet Our Founder

Tyler Hendon

Tyler Hendon founded Hendon Consulting Services, an intently small consulting firm, in 2018. He is an experienced HR and business professional. Hendon Consulting Services offers training, coaching and problem solving exploration for business owners and managers. Tyler has served in a leadership role for a Fortune 10 company.

Tyler was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. Tyler received his bachelor’s degree from Michigan State University. In May of 2018 Tyler received two certifications while continuing his education at Emory University, a top 25 private institution in the United States. Tyler completed Emory’s Essentials for Human Resources Management course and the Essentials of HR Management via the Society for Human Resources Management.

In his spare time Tyler volunteers for Hands on Atlanta, a nonprofit dedicated to serving Metro Atlanta, and HERO for Children, a nonprofit dedicated to bettering the lives of children who have been affected by HIV and Aids. Tyler enjoys spending time visiting his family in Detroit, Michigan and Chicago, Illinois.

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