Our Process

Phase 1: Initial Consultation

This is a 1-hour exploratory conversation allowing us to get to know you, your business and the needs of your business. During this conversation you will be expected to be transparent regarding your need for a consultant and expectations for the consultant. You will be asked many questions! We do this in an effort to gain an understanding of our potential to impact your business and the problems you may be facing.

Phase 2: Problem Assessment

We then take some time to think about your problem and brainstorm solutions. Within 4 days of the initial consultation we will reach back out to you with our assessment of the problem and a solution. If needed, we will reach back out to you within the 4-day window to gain more information regarding your business.

Phase 3: Finalizing A Solution

During this conversation we will share our thoughts with you regarding the issue you’re facing and what we believe next steps should be. We (meaning you and your consultant) then come up with an agreement for a plan/ approach to fix the issue. Both sides must buy in to the proposed next steps. As a whole, we come to an agreement regarding who is responsible for what and how the plan will be executed. This planning phase is critical to the success of the project.

Phase 4: Execution Of The Plan

In some cases, clients will be expected to handle the heavy lifting during this time. During this phase the client will be expected to communicate openly with the consultant to ensure the needed actions are being taken according to what was agreed upon in Phase 3. The consultant will be expected to check in and coach the client when necessary.

Phase 5: Project Reflection

We will analyze the projects success along with determining a need to extend/terminate the relationship. The client will be asked to respond to a survey for feedback. Clients are expected to provide candid, honest feedback regarding their experience.

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